Friday, June 20, 2008

Today it kicks into high gear

Just a mini post...Today I get to go & sign the Rec Complex contract. I am looking forward to feeling lighter after I know it's been signed! After that I can purchase the peddlers license & concentrate on the big tasks now that the little ones are taken care of.
Reminder, your payment for a table is due in 10 days (June 30), after that the flood gates open!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

MeFest Potential Vendor Info

Thank you for visiting our site. The team at MeFest is proud to announce our upcoming event on Saturday September 13/08

It will be a lifestyle/pampering show geared towards the women of today. The show will run from 9am-5pm & will be located at the Waterloo Recreation Complex - Hauser Haus. At this time we have over 40 of our 65 tables spoken for, so please note that availability is limited& all vendors must be approved by the MeFest team.

As a vendor for MeFest you will have the use of a 6 foot table & chairs for your spot. Please note if you require an electrical outlet, you must let us know at the time of booking. There will also be a pizza lunch provided the day of the event. Set up time on event day begins at 7am & tear down will only start after 5pm.
Your other requirement is to have a freebie for EVERY patron of the show. It could be magnets, bookmarks, pampering service etc. or even something fun like halloween-sized Smarties packs with your label on them. This will attract guests to your table & at that time you can explain your business/service to them. In the end you both win!

The cost for MeFest is $100 per table, or $80 if you donate a door prize. Please take note that we will not be doubling any categories for this year's event, but hope to expand the show next year & at that time we will be able to offer receipts
If you are interested in booking a table for this years event, please contact us with
  • Your name, the name of your business & any other contact info
  • The number of tables you will be booking
  • What your Freebie is for ALL PATRONS of the show
  • Whether you will be donating a door prize

Please send the above info to

& keep up to date with our progress at

Friday, June 6, 2008

We are well on our way

We are so happy to announce that all of our City of Waterloo bookings & permits will be finalized next week. This mean we're are off & running! Once payment has been received by the participants we will then be posting our speaker schedule for that day & we can then begin our wide speard advertising campaign. Look for our info all over town (& please post if you see or hear our ads, so we know what works best for the event).
Oh & make sure to mark the date on your calendar Saturday September 13th