Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's all a buzz

Today's facebook update from the home feed said...
MeFest - A Celebration of You !.

It's hosted by Lisa McDonald, & Diane Morgan. So far 1,722 people have been invited.

That's how many people have heard about MeFest
How exciting is that!
Just keep on inviting people. I'd love the next update to say 2,000
Flyers are out, so let me know where you saw them

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's going to be big !!!

This was in my home feed today on Facebook---------------------- attending MeFest - A Celebration of You !.It's hosted by Lisa McDonald, & Diane Morgan. So far 1,510 people have been invited.

That means 1510 people know about MeFest just from Facebook. That doesn't include all the advertising we are doing
Want to be a vendor?
All of the vendor details are at

If you are interested please email & we will send payment info & save a table for you
Want more info about the show?
Join our Facebook Event


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Diane has been busy

Thanks to Diane MeFest is everywhere!!!!!
Which is so great. If you have any other suggestions of where we can advertise please email & we'll see if we can do it.
Also if anyone is willing to take flyers for their offices or are able to post it on a work internal Bullentin Board please let us know. It will be greatly appreciated
We want to make this the premier event in K-W
Here is our posting list

CKCO electronic board
Kijiji- on going
Facebook- on going
What's Up? - The Record
Snap'd- submitted calendar and possible coming to the event to take pictures
Pennysaver- ads going in the community news
Worth Noting- Rogers- submitted
Rogers Electronic Board- submitted
Waterloo Chronicle - August
The Record Community News- sumitted
Know About Kitchener - Electronice Board- submitted
96.7- in talks right now
91.5- submitted possible cruiser coming to the event
570 News electronic board- submitted submitted
KWKids - submitted
Waterloo/Kitchener Libraries- submitting flyer
Found Locally electronic board- online now
Rogers Cruiser - submitted
Forest Heights News/Fairway News- in talks
Daytime TV- in talks(we need to set a date to appear)
We also will have it posted on electronic emails Sunlife, Rim , Board of Education up to this point.
Flyers are being printed to be place around town .
All Waterloo Electronic Boards our event will be posted on them.
We are placing a sandwich sign and having people talking to patrons of the Waterloo Rec. Complex that day

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

MeFest Event Page

Many are wondering how many are attending MeFest

We're trying to get everyone to invite all of their friends & clients to our event page to help with the tally

Please post this link to everyone you're inviting

Remember the more attendees, the more successful your booth will be!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Ads are being posted

Within 24 hours we've had our event posted on 2 sites
CKCO-What's on Where

as well as
Know About-Kitchener Waterloo'kitchener-waterloo/ontario'&t=kitchener-waterloo%20event%20summary&cityid=138

& ofcourse Kijiji & Facebook, where we've been the whole time
As word gets out we'll let you know about our progress
& we'll take suggestions or feel free to post a link or pic to your site! The more clients the better for everyone!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Time for the big event PUSH


After finally cutting through all the RED TAPE that the City of Waterloo gave us to deal with, I'm happy that we now can concentrate on advertising our event

We hope to have a widespread AD Campaign. You can help by telling your friends about this blog & the FACEBOOK event page (Just click on the title of TODAY's post to get to the Facebook URL).

As we get a list of where we will be advertising, I'll be sure to post it here as well.

We have 2 versions of a flyer. One that works for email (which we hope you will forward to friends & clients) & one that works for online (the online one is posted) which you can post on your webpages. Make sure to invite all the girls you know so we can all say we worked hard to make this event incredibly successful !!!