Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why We're Hanging Up MeFest

As many of you know, we decided on for-going our Spring MeFest due to the saturation of consumer shows created in the style of our event. With the same reasoning we are hanging up MeFest altogether. We feel that there is now an over abundance of small business shows, and it continues to be more and more difficult to differentiate ours from the rest in this area. We came to this decision after taking a long look at why we began MeFest and we could no longer feel the same enthusiasm for it as we have in the past.

We came to the realization that what we really love is volunteering at events, and brainstorming in the creation of events. So although MeFest is being retired for now, perhaps down the road if we see an opportunity for it, there is always a chance to refresh and revamp the event.

Those2Girls will continue to be the energetic tiara-wearing duo that is always there to help.  As always we will continue to be involved in our local community and will always look for ways to challenge ourselves.

Thank-you for supporting our past seven MeFest events and look forward to connecting with you soon

Diane and Lisa

Aka Those2Girls