Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MeFest Vendor Info for October 1, 2011

Vendor Info for October 1, 2011 MeFest Event

The new date for the Fall MeFest is Saturday October 1, 2011 being held at The Waterloo Recreation Complex from 9am-4pm

YOU MUST HAVE A FREEBIE FOR EVERYONE WHO WALKS THROUGH THE DOOR (we go with the number 500 as that is what we average per show).
Your FREEBIE does not have to be your product.  It can be something simple as lolipops or pencils w/your business card attached.  KEEP IN MIND the better your FREEBIE the more memorable you will be! You also need a Draw Prize (but you keep the ballots, as your future contacts).

Basic table price (middle tables) will be $125 per table. If you wish to have a wall spot/electricity the price is $135 (remember it's a 6ft table, not a booth).

Please indicate this when registering. Please let us know your business, freebie, draw prize & spot preference when registering. If approved the preferred method of payment is InteracOnline. For approval please email

Also if you have any friends that would be interested in the event we can take their names as well.

Do you need a refresher on what a great time it was last event?
Well take a look

& hear us describe MeFest - A Celebration of YOU! in our own words

Hope to hear from you soon

Diane & Lisa
aka those2girls


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