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Want to see pics from our last event?

There are a few pics from last year

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Potential Vendor Info for April 4/09 Event

MeFest Potential Vendor Info
Thank you for visiting our site.

The team at MeFest is proud to announce our upcoming event on Saturday April 4th 2009

It will be a lifestyle/pampering show geared towards the women of today.

The show will run from 9am-4pm & will be located at the Waterloo Recreation Complex - Hauser Haus.

This is our 2nd show & if you attended last September you know what a successful event it was. At this time we have over half of our tables spoken for, so please note that availability is limited & all vendors must be approved by the MeFest team.

As a vendor for MeFest you will have the use of a 6 foot table & chairs for your spot. Please note this is not a Booth.

Set up time on event day begins at 6:45am & tear down will only start after 4pm. All vendors must be at the check in table no later than 8:15am

Their are 2 requirements to be in the show. The first is to have a freebie for EVERY patron of the show. It could be magnets, bookmarks, pampering service etc. or even something fun like halloween-sized Smarties packs with your label on them (no coupons or percentage off offers. It must be a TRUE freebie). This will attract guests to your table & at that time you can explain your business/service to them. In the end you both win! The 2nd is to provide a draw at your table with a prize that you wish to give away (no coupons or percentage off offers).

The cost for MeFest is $100 per table. Only one business per table. There are no refunds.

If you would like to be a vendor in the show on April 4th, we will require the following info

  • Your name, the name of your business & any other contact info

  • The number of tables you will be booking

  • What your Freebie is for ALL PATRONS of the show

  • What your draw will be for

  • If you require electricity (limited spots are available for electricity)

Please send the above info to
& keep up to date with our progress at

Here's what some of vendors from the September event had to say

Me Fest Vendors from Sept. 08

- I enjoyed being part of Mefest.

-I am so busy with clients from the me show

-Thank you for putting together such a great event

-Hi Lisa and Diane - You girls did an awesome job on organizing and running MeFest. I would definately participate again and would like to be informed of any of your events, shows, etc.

- I did a show in the spring which I paid $600.00 for a 10 ft booth I did not receive any more contacts or leads from that show, as matter of fact from my follow ups so far I feel I've gained more from your show

-Thanks for a great show....and again you girls are awesome!!

- the event was very well attended,

- it was busy

-I think it was a well organized show and for it's first year, it had a great attendance (first year shows can be really unpredictable, but this wasn't the case on Saturday). Great job!

-I had a couple of volunteers approach me at the end asking if I needed help getting stuff out to my car....this was a nice touch!

-the venue did have great access to multiple entry points so people could load/unload quickly and easily. it was such a big success!!!!!!

-I agree that it was a great show

-Hi Lisa and Diane Let me tell you that you did a fantastic job organizing and advertizing this event. How many events do you see the organizers mingling with the guests and vendors like the two of you did .It gave the event character, warmth, caring and a driving desire to succeed. You have no idea the impact this had on me as a vendor and I am sure the guests were equally impressed. Your burning desire to create a successful event was contagious. Using facebook and other tools for advertizing, makes your abilities stand out from the rest of the organizers of events. You are truely interested in helping women which is a gift and a blessing to the rest of us. Keep doing what you love. Grow this business so you do not lose the heart of what it is all about. Thank you for the opportunity to see another side of your great skills. Both of you have my greatest respect. Your ability to show us all how important it is to have an idea and bring it to life. In Mary Kay, the two of you would be nominated for the covetted GO-GIVE award for women helping women to be better, stronger, happier individuals and allowing us to be all that we can be

-Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

-I think you both did a superb job and that the hall was great had good flow

-The room had incredible energy

-Thank you for all your hard work

- MeFest was an AWESOME event.

- is thrilled that MEFEST was a HUGE success-had a great time at ME FEST! Thanks to Diane and Lisa for the great idea, the hard work and the wonderful day. You guys are awsome!!-Unbelievable day ladies...we had great response at our booth and we now have more leads than we have ever received at a show...I am in for the next MeFest!!...

-"GREATTTTTTT job Diane and Lisa. Awesome work

.-Mefest was super

-I booked 8 parties from me fest . Thank you

.-Just want to say that you guys ROCK and that I am incredibly thankful for everything you've done for us-And I just want to say that the two of you are AWESOME

Our show attendees had great stuff to say too!

-Excellent vendors and information. Lots of great free samples!

- I think it was a huge success, least I saw lots of people there.

-I enjoyed myself, and people I talked to had a great time too. I really liked that there was a variety of vendors and what they had to offer. You and Lisa did an EXCELLENT job. You both looked great too with your new outfits. Bravo!!! And congratulations to you and Diane for MeFest. You did an amazing job!

-I really enjoyed it!!!!!!

-you guys did an awesome job. I loved every minute of it-had fun at MeFest!!

-It was a wonderful show and I hope you do it agian soon. I will definitely come out again. I had a GREAT time!!!

-Great job pulled off a fantastic show!! We had lots of fun

-It was a great event. Can't wait until the next time :)

-Just wanted to was a great day and I want to thank all those that put it together for all of us that had a chance to experience it. A lot of love went into it all and

-I appreciate it all. I had a wonderful time and I hope this goes on for years to come :)

-That was a lot of fun yesterday. Well done INDEED!!!!! Your multitude of talents is truly impressive

- I thought I would stop by for a bit but ended up staying 3 hours.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Ready!

Save the date April 4 2009
MeFest Spring 09 is coming your way
Stay tuned for details