Sunday, July 13, 2008

Diane has been busy

Thanks to Diane MeFest is everywhere!!!!!
Which is so great. If you have any other suggestions of where we can advertise please email & we'll see if we can do it.
Also if anyone is willing to take flyers for their offices or are able to post it on a work internal Bullentin Board please let us know. It will be greatly appreciated
We want to make this the premier event in K-W
Here is our posting list

CKCO electronic board
Kijiji- on going
Facebook- on going
What's Up? - The Record
Snap'd- submitted calendar and possible coming to the event to take pictures
Pennysaver- ads going in the community news
Worth Noting- Rogers- submitted
Rogers Electronic Board- submitted
Waterloo Chronicle - August
The Record Community News- sumitted
Know About Kitchener - Electronice Board- submitted
96.7- in talks right now
91.5- submitted possible cruiser coming to the event
570 News electronic board- submitted submitted
KWKids - submitted
Waterloo/Kitchener Libraries- submitting flyer
Found Locally electronic board- online now
Rogers Cruiser - submitted
Forest Heights News/Fairway News- in talks
Daytime TV- in talks(we need to set a date to appear)
We also will have it posted on electronic emails Sunlife, Rim , Board of Education up to this point.
Flyers are being printed to be place around town .
All Waterloo Electronic Boards our event will be posted on them.
We are placing a sandwich sign and having people talking to patrons of the Waterloo Rec. Complex that day

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