Monday, May 26, 2008

One Big Little Idea

Welcome to the MeFest Blog. This blog is to let everyone know about MeFest-A Celebration of You!
My little ideas aren't always something my best friend Diane agrees with, but finally I had one that felt right to both of us!
Since I've have been the organizer for a women's friendship group called SYS for a couple of years now, I figured it was time I did something with all the knowledge that the wonderful group has brought me. I have always been a good networker & am never afraid to ask. I decided to put these 2 skills together in one thought & came up with MeFest. It will be a lifestyle/pampering show geared to the women of today. As the organizing of this event progresses so will this blog. Entries will be made by Diane & I myself, so follow along for our rollercoster ride over the next few months, & hope to meet you in person at MeFest, September 13, 2008-Location Hauser Haus, Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex, Waterloo Ontario
Enjoy your day

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Amanda said...

Just found this blog through househiccups. I'm in st. thomas, ON so really you're not that far away from me. It also happens Mefest falls on my birthdayno better day to celebrate me :) Going to an eye on this blog for more updates :)