Monday, September 14, 2009

For Confirmed Vendors

Hello Confirmed Vendors!

We are now just weeks away from our April 10th MeFest - A Celebration of You!
We hope you are just as excited for the event as we are.

This is a quick checklist of things you will need for the event & hope it is helpful to you.

If you are not familiar with the Waterloo Recreation Complex, please read the driving directions at the bottom of this email. (Take note that Maquest & GPS have problems with this address, so please take our directions with you)

Set up time on Saturday starts at 6:45am.

When you arrive at the Hauser Haus (3rd floor on the elevator) you will be checked in & given your table

You are responsible for your table's setup. Please bring tablecloths & the decor you are using & give yourself enough time to be ready..
If you were put down for electrical, make sure you have extension cords & powerbars with you.

There will be 2 elevators at each end of the Rec Complex to use.
Note that many of you will need the elevators so there may be a lineup. If you just have a few items I suggest using the staircase located beside the Swimplex desk.

When you are fully setup, we ask that you move your vehicle to the Bauer Lot across the street, as we wouldn't want our show patrons to have parking issues

All tables must have their setup complete by 8:15am. This will also give you time to Network with the other vendors. Diane & I will need that 45 mins to prepare for the openening of the show

If you are selling any items make sure you have a coin float to provide customers with change.

If you have not let us know what your Freebie is, this will now need to be finalized. Last event's # we gave vendors was 500, which worked well as we have over 400 attendees. These are for you to hand out at your table. This ensures that all patrons visit every table to receive their Freebie (or pampering service) which then give you the opportunity to sell your product/service. It's a "win-win" situation. We suggest that as attendees come by your table you ask "would you be interested in a free _____?". Then offer them a chance to enter your draw. While they are busy with all of that, it is then your opportunity to "feature" your products & services to them.

Ensure you have pens/pencils & ballots for your draw item. These ballots are yours too keep as your future contacts/customers

If you require washroom or food breaks (there is a concession stand downstairs), please get one of the volunteers to find Lisa or Diane to cover your table while you are away from it

Take down does not start until 4:00pm

There is a copy of our current flyer that is on this page. We'd appreciate you sending it off to all of your current customers. If all vendors brought approx. 10 of their current clients to the show, imagine how many new potential customers you may get to speak to!

All please post to any of your online/social media groups (ie forums, newsletters, facebook, twitter etc) that you will be attending the show.
We are so excited to have our Spring MeFest come together so well & are looking forward to the room being filled with the same positive energy we have at all of our events.
Looking forward to seeing you BRIGHT & EARLY April10th !!!
aka those2girls
PS Make sure to tell all your current customers about the event!

HERE'S THE DIRECTIONS....If you are coming from Kitchener take the expressway to Bridgeport Rd cut off, then go right off the cutoff, it is a one way street, stay to the lanes on the right. You'll go past a Zellers & the road splits a bit, stay in the right lane, you'll pass Uptown Waterloo-the name of the Road then changes to CAROLINE ST, still stay on that. Get in the very right lane. When you get to Erb St turn Right & then IMMEDIATELY you'll make another right (you'll see the big electronic sign that says WAT. RECREATION COMPLEX)-you're now on Father David Bauer Dr, you'll go around a bend & you will see the Rec Complex come up on your left)

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